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The Florida Springs Institute is named after the late Dr. Howard T. Odum, the Father of Springs Ecology, who first called the world's attention to the majesty and mystery of these unique and complex ecosystems. Our founder, Dr. Robert L. Knight, studied under the direction of Dr. Odum and has conducted follow-up studies of the ecology of 18 major springs in Florida. This website is a vital part of our mission to provide science-based education to the public and their leaders. We have gathered a collection of information about springs ecology so vast that you will find it necessary to stop by frequently. The Florida Springs Institute is a 5o1(c)(3) non-profit organization funded entirely through grants and private donations.


Silenced Springs: Moving from Tragedy to Hope

Dr. Knight's new book, Silenced Springs: Moving from Tragedy to Hope, is now available for purchase online and at events! 

Click here to learn more or select the buy now button below to purchase a copy for $21.20 plus $5 shipping and handling!

Wekiwa Springs Field School, August 28-30

Enrollment for the 2nd annual Wekiwa Field School is now open!  

The course will take place at Wekiwa Springs State Park Youth Camp from August 28 - 30, 2015, and includes lectures from Dr. Knight and other guests on springs ecology, as well as opportunities to learn about springs first-hand. 

The course is open to the general public. No formal science background is required to participate. Participants must be at least 16-years old to attend. All meals, lodging, field activities, and course materials will be provided. 

Click here to register or learn more about the course.

Open to the general public!

2015 Summer Membership Drive

Click here to learn more about membership with the Florida Springs Institute!

June 8th - August 31st

You can support meaningful springs research and restoration by becoming a member of the Florida Springs Institute. Become a NEW member any time between June 8th and August 31st and receive a special thank you gift! 

Your membership supports:

  • Ongoing scientific research and testing that is designed to establish a baseline for the development of restoration plans, 
  • Statewide educational opportunities and workshops for people of all ages and educational levels, and 
  • Unwavering advocacy about the importance of protecting the aquifer that feeds our springs. 

Help Us Protect Florida's Springs!

Please help us reach our goal of $6,000 for springs research, education, and advocacy this summer!



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