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The Florida Springs Institute is named after the late Dr. Howard T. Odum, the Father of Springs Ecology, who first called the world's attention to the majesty and mystery of these unique and complex ecosystems. Our founder, Dr. Robert L. Knight, studied under the direction of Dr. Odum and has conducted follow-up studies of the ecology of 18 major springs in Florida.


This website is a vital part of our mission to provide science-based education to the public and their leaders. We have gathered a collection of information about springs ecology so vast that you will find it necessary to stop by frequently.


The Florida Springs Institute is a 5o1c3 non-profit organization funded entirely through grants and private donations.



What We're Working On

Have you seen the series of springs articles in the Gainesville Sun, Ocala Star Banner and other papers throughout Florida? The Gainesville Sun is selling beautiful, full-color copies of these oversized booklets. A portion of each copy sold benefits the Florida Springs Institute.

Provided here with permission: Fragile Springs series in PDF format


The Springs Eternal Project and the Florida Springs Institute recently teamed up to print oversized Springs Eternal exhibit catalogs to deliver to every Florida legislator, water management district governing board member, the Governor and DEP secretary, and other key state and local decision-makers. Thank you to everyone that donated to the project and to those who distributed catalogs to Florida leaders!


To view the panels in pdf format on the Springs Eternal website, click here.


If you hand-delivered a catalog and want to let us know to whom, please email nlyons@floridaspringsinstitute.org.


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