SpringsWatch: Wekiva River

The Wekiva River is located roughly 17 miles north of Orlando. It is a major tributary to the St. Johns River,  receiving over 50% of its flow from more than 30 artesian springs. The Wekiva River begins its flow at Wekiwa Spring, a second magnitude spring discharging over 43 million gallons per day. The Wekiva River is also fed by input from Rock Spring Run, which flows roughly 8.5 miles before meeting with the Wekiva River. Because of its natural beauty and cool waters, the Wekiva River is a popular place for recreation such as kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding, swimming, and other water-related activities.

Volunteers with the Florida SpringsWatch program conduct monthly sampling along the upper Wekiva River. The map below shows each of the 8 river stations.  Our Wekiva sampling group currently takes measurements for the following parameters: temperature, dissolved oxygen, specific conductance, vertical light attenuation, and photo documentation of aquatic plants. The SpringsWatch program is a great way to get out to the springs, learn, and volunteer. If you would like to learn more about the data our volunteers are collecting, click on the report link below!

This group requires the use of a Canoe/watercraft, paddling experience is recommended but not necessary. This group is currently accepting volunteers. 

Click here to sign up or contact us for more information! 

Photos by John Moran, Tessa Skiles, and Brenda Wells.


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Dec 12 2020

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