WE arE currently Reviewing Job applications!

We are no longer accepting job applications, however the staff at the Florida Springs Institute is proud to announce that we are currently reviewing qualified candidates for the following positions: 

The Florida Springs Institute (FSI) is reviewing qualified applicants to join our team as an environmental scientist/aquatic ecologist to conduct ecological health assessments at Florida springs. The selected scientist will work with FSI’s Science Team to provide assistance with all aspects of FSI’s monitoring and assessment of the ecological health of Florida’s artesian springs. Typical tasks include instrument and equipment calibration and maintenance, field data and sample collection, data entry and database management, literature review and summarization, report preparation, educational presentation preparation and delivery, and intern training and supervision.

The Florida Springs Institute (FSI) is reviewing qualified applicants to join our team as an Administrative Assistant to assist the Executive Director and staff in leading our organization’s operations while developing sustainable streams of revenue through fundraising. The Administrative Assistant will work under the supervision of the Executive Director and will provide general assistance with all aspects of the management and operations of FSI, including office administration, financial and insurance, project and program management and budgeting, event planning, volunteer management, fundraising, and mission execution.

FSI Environmental Scientist Hillary Skowronski on the Santa Fe River. Photo by Zoey Hendrickson.


We are not currently accepting internship applications

The interns at the Florida Springs Institute are an integral part of our organization! Our interns contribute to our mission in many ways, including: 

  1. Assisting in water quality sampling and testing,
  2. Entering data collected in the field, 
  3. Planning and organizing events, and 
  4. Assisting with education and outreach efforts. 

The Florida Springs Institute (FSI) has filled two (2) positions for “Field Intern” from January 11, 2021 through April 23, 2021. Thank you for your interest!

Photo by John Moran.




WE arE currently accepting volunteer applications for SpringsWatch!

SpringsWatch is our monthly citizen science springs monitoring program that facilitates “hands-on” volunteer work while also contributing to springs research efforts in-house and for other environmental agencies around the state. Volunteers learn to collect data such as water quality field parameters (temperature, dissolved oxygen, and specific conductance), water surface stage readings, measurement of vertical light attenuation, measurement of horizontal Secchi depth visibility, photo station documentation of aquatic plants and wildlife, and observations of other wildlife and human uses. 

To apply to volunteer with SpringsWatch click here or “learn more” below

Environmental Center Volunteers are tasked with greeting and interacting with members of the public at our North Florida Springs Environmental Center. As an Environmental Center Volunteer, you will have opportunity to get to know Florida Springs Institute staff, ask questions, and learn quickly how navigate common springs research and protection topics.

Special Event Volunteers are asked to attend environmental events, often on weekends, with a member(s) of our staff. Event tasks include: setting up and breaking down Florida Springs Institute event booth, interacting with event attendees, telling them about our organization , and answering commonly asked questions about Florida springs.

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