Water's Journey: The River Returns DVD


Water’s Journey: The River Returns DVD



Water’s Journey, an award-winning PBS documentary series, follows a team of explorers as they trace the dynamic journey of water through caves, springs, rivers, and wetland estuaries and coral reefs. Along the way they learn about the challenges and problems that face our waterways and what needs to be done to protect them.

The St. Johns River is born in marshes, then winds northward for 310 languid miles before flowing through Jacksonville. Florida’s greatest waterway, a haven for manatees and mecca for bass fishing, is under siege by a burgeoning human population.

Its challenges are many, but there is great hope. This is the story of a river returning.

Flying inflatable boats, cave diving, kayaking and a storm-drain spelunking expedition up the great St. Johns River bring us closer to understanding the environmental challenges facing America’s waterways.


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