seminole killifish



Seminole Killifish

Scientific name

Mugil cephalus


4-6 inches


insect larvae, plant seeds, fish eggs, small crustaceans


Family: Fundulidae – topminnows and killifishes

Distinguishing features: Silver-green, often with many horizontal rows of small spots. Females may have faint green bars. But in many fish, these colors, spots, and bars may be difficult to see and you must depend on other characteristics to identify. They  have rounded fins and upturned mouths. They reach up to 6.5” long.

Range, habitat and behavior: Seminole killifish are unique to Florida. They live in lakes and quiet spring pools throughout Florida. They are often found in schools near shallows or vegetation.

Diet: Insect larvae, plant seeds, fish eggs, small crustaceans and gastropods.

Fun facts: the name Fundulus comes from the Latin word fundus meaning “bottom”. Which is something of a misnomer as they are in the same family as the topminnows and are often seen towards the mid to upper parts of the water column. 

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