SPRINGS FISH Field guide

At the Florida Springs Institute we think the best views at the springs are found underwater. Getting under the surface with a mask and snorkel is like being in a giant, crystal clear aquarium full of a startling variety of brilliant and amazing creatures. 

These short, 1-2 minute videos were designed to train citizen science volunteers in fish identification for the Florida Springs Institute’s SpringsWatch program. We’ve made them available to everyone in the hopes that you will not only be able to identify the fish you encountered during your last visit to the springs, but also that you’ll be inspired to go back again and again to find all of the life and beauty within Florida’s springs.

Click the photos below to find identification videos and to learn  more about each fish.

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funding for this project provided by...

Fish and Wildlife Foundation of Florida

Three Rivers Trust 

Isaac Szabo, Jeff Stevens


The Springs Field Guide is a project of the 
Howard T. Odum Florida Springs Institute. 
We would also like to thank:
Eric Flagg and Houston Wells, videography and editing
Isaac Szabo, still photography
Brenda Wells, education consultant
Emily Taylor, science advisor and project coordinator
Dr. Steven Walsh and Zak Slagle, science advisors
Additional Video Footage generously provided by: Martha Henwood, David Cobiella, David Schrichte, Brenda Wells, and Mark Long
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