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educational events with the Florida springs institute


educational programs currently offered at the Florida springs institute

Springs Academy is six-part lecture series which takes place on the first or second Tuesday of each month. Springs Academy Courses are as follows: Class 1: Springs Overview, Class 2: Springs Hydrogeology, Class 3: Springs Biology, Class 4: Springs Chemistry, Class 5: Springs Stresses, and Class 6: Springs Advocacy.

SpringsWatch is our monthly citizen science springs monitoring program that facilitates  “hands-on” volunteer participation while also contributing to springs research efforts around the state. Currently, we have six SpringsWatch groups: Silver, Ichetucknee, Rainbow, Santa Fe, Weeki Wachee, and Homosassa River spring systems

Springs outings

Our Springs Outing trips connect nature lovers with the outdoors (and each other) while giving participants the opportunity to learn about Florida’s rich landscape from qualified experts and scientists. Each Spring Outing holds a new adventure, and with it, new information and experiences, even for the most seasoned adventure enthusiasts! Proceeds from Spring Outings benefit the Florida Springs Institute so we can continue vital springs research and education efforts.

Springs Field School is our most advanced springs education program. The week long course teaches everything from basic hydrogeology, biology, chemistry to advanced water quality methods, state management regulations, and what is needed to conserve this natural resource.

Springs Friendly Yards program is bases on three principles: 1. No Fertilizer 2. No groundwater withdrawal 3. Plant native species. You can learn more about how you can do your part for the Floridan Aquifer, right in your own back yard, here: https://floridaspringsinstitute.org/springs-friendly-yards/


A selection of some of our past events

If you have questions about one of our events or an idea for an event, please email us at info@floridaspringsinstitute.org