SpringS Outings

The goal of the Florida Springs Institute Springs Outing program is to connect nature lovers with the outdoors (and each other) while giving the opportunity to learn about Florida’s rich landscape from qualified experts and scientists. Each Spring Outing holds a new adventure, and with it, new information and experiences, even for the most seasoned adventure enthusiasts! Proceeds from Spring Outings benefit the Florida Springs Institute so we can continue vital springs research and education efforts.

Our Spring Outings happen monthly, all around the state. To keep in the loop with upcoming outing announcements you can join our monthly newsletter or follow us on Facebook ​and Instagram.

If you have questions regarding our Springs Outing program you can contact our program coordinator Hailey Hall at hhall@floridaspringsinstitute.org. Thank you! 


Bob Knight

No Time to Cry for Dying Springs

 Saturday, September 7th, the Florida Springs Institute (FSI) and Kings of the Springs (KOTS) environmental non-profits came together to host a Springs Outing on the

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