Silver Springs: The Liquid Heart of Florida (Hardback)


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In a sublime collaboration between Florida’s expert spring scientist, Dr. Robert Knight, and Pulitzer Prize-nominated author Marian Rizzo, the essence of one of the most iconic places in Florida is revealed through beautiful imagery and personal stories that will simply not be forgotten.

“The Liquid Heart of Florida has the chance to turn the corner from more than 50 years of regulatory neglect and decline, to a future of recovery and protection. Silver Springs can serve as an allegory for all of Florida’s natural wonders. Either it can go the way of the Ivory Billed Woodpecker and Carolina Parakeet, or it can be returned from near extinction like the Brown Pelican and the Bald Eagle. The future of Silver Springs is a choice that will be made by the actions or inactions of our generation.”

This is a hardback edition, 205 pages, published by WordCraftsPress.

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