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We are accepting applications for new volunteers for the Santa Fe SpringsWatch group! 

You must have your own watercraft to participate in this SpringsWatch group. 

The Santa Fe River is in the Springs Heartland of North Central Florida and is the discharge point for at least 36 named springs. Located in parts of Alachua, Columbia, and Gilchrist counties, the Lower Santa Fe River and springs offer significant recreational opportunities including kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding, tubing, swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, boating, and other water-related activities. The inhabitants of these counties depend on a healthy river and springs system for their water supply, livelihood, and recreational enjoyment.

The Lower Santa Fe River is home to many named springs. Gilchrist Blue, Rum Island, and Ginnie Springs are among the most popular and are open to the public. At these stations, as well as stations along the Lower Santa Fe River, our SpringsWatch volunteers collect data for the following parameters: temperature, dissolved oxygen, specific conductance, vertical light attenuation, vertical Secchi disk measurements (water clarity), and aquatic vegetation surveys. This group also conducts LakeWatch sampling at several river and spring stations as part of the University of Florida’s IFAS Extension (click here for more info about the LakeWatch program). The SpringsWatch program is a great way to get out to the springs, learn, and volunteer. To learn more about the data our volunteers are collecting, click on the dashboard and report links below! 

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Santa Fe River SpringsWatch Data AND Monitoring summary REPORT


2019 Monitoring Summary


2020 Monitoring Summary

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*Groups with a wait list are at capacity and are currently not accepting new volunteers. If you wish to select one of these groups, we suggest applying for an additional group with no wait list to ensure you are able to participate in sampling as soon as possible. Apply for as many as you like!



Jill Lingard

FSI SpringsWatch Volunteer Coordinator


The Florida SpringsWatch program was funded in part through generous support from the Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida