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The People’s Plan

FSI is currently restudying Silver Springs System. In light of the changes we are seeing, we are re-publishing the following op-ed written by Dr. Knight, originally printed in the Gainesville Sun in August 2015. Staff at the Florida Springs Institute (FSI) have been active in the scientific study of Silver Springs since the 1970s. FSI’s efforts, as well as research conducted by the State of Florida have demonstrated severe biological impairments at Silver Springs as a result of reduced…

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Wakulla Springs success? Not so fast

Bob Knight Tallahasee Democrat. October 14, 2020 Re: "A watery enigma: Wakulla Springs now producing more water than 20 years ago," Sept. 8, 2020 Florida’s governmental leaders wish to proclaim success with springs protection. However, the recent article citing Northwest Florida Water Management District staff needs to be placed in proper context. The article’s premise is that, in light of recent increases in spring flow at Wakulla Springs, there is still more groundwater to pump. The fact is that…

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FSI Outreach Intern meets Gilchrist Blue Springs

Gilchrist Blue Springs: An Underwater Forest By Ailee Odom, FSI Outreach Intern As a Florida native with a love for water resources, the chance to visit a new spring is something I will never pass up. After being invited to join the FSI team on their trip to Ruth B. Kirby Gilchrist Blue Springs State Park in High Springs, I was ecstatic! This was my first time visiting a spring in the Alachua area since starting school…

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Re-evaluation of Minimum Flows and Levels for the Santa Fe and Ichetucknee

It is not in the public’s best interest to dry up or pollute any of Florida’s artesian springs.  Healthy springs support a vast and abundant assemblage of charismatic and endangered wildlife, nourish our many rivers and lakes during droughts, and are the sought-after playground for tens of millions of visitors each year. Springs are essential for our local ecology and economy. Governmental agencies responsible for protecting Florida’s environmental prosperity would be reckless and irresponsible to allow priceless…

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